Real results within the first few months — and that is just the beginning. With our successful Service-as-a-Service model, we continually deliver new ways to improve upon our industry-leading conversion rates, uncover rebate opportunities, and drive additional savings.

We'll let you in on what makes Vendorin the industry's best kept secret* - we are committed to developing and managing customized comprehensive conversion programs that work because Supplier conversion is directly proportional to your savings success.

* According to one of our customers. We take it as a compliment!

Oil & Gas Industry

Customer Success Story begins October 2014

Challenge: This Client faced a specific challenge: their manual AP program — which required executive team signatures on physical checks — was not compatible with their strategy of corporate expansion through acquisition. The Client turned to Vendorin for an adaptable AP payments solution that scales with the company’s growth.

Prior to signing with Vendorin, the Client was printing checks for all of their Accounts Payable payments. The checks had to be signed by their executive team and it was a very manual process for the the Client's finance team to support. The Client experiences growth organically and through acquisitions, and their current Accounts Payable process was not scalable. They realized a change was needed and this is where our story began.

Solution: Full electronic conversion program converting suppliers from check to Virtual Card or ACH. Virtual Card through Vendorin's direct issuer and ACH through Client's Treasury Bank. Client is sending Vendorin an Aging Report for Continuous Enrollment where Vendorin is supporting Payment Based Enrollment. This ensures continuous max electronic payment conversion.

Payment Types: Virtual Card and ACH

Campaign Results

  • 77.5% Suppliers converted to electronic payments
  • 78% of checks converted to electronic payment
  • $1,272,707 Annual Net Benefit realized by converting checks to electronic payment

Consumer Cyclical/Restaurants/QSR

Customer Success Story begins January 2017

Challenge: This Client's frustration with a large financial institution's virtual card only program conversion failure led them to look at a more extensive solution with a focus on total electronic conversion.

Solution: Supplier Enrollment, Validation, Total Electronic Payment Conversion via Integrated Payables, and Payment Execution. Vendorin provided our all encompassing total electronic conversion solution which combines both the required level of service as well as our technology to transition the maximum number of paper-based check payments over the Supplier's preferred electronic alternative.

Payment Types: Virtual Card, VPax+, ACH, and Check, Print, & Mail

Campaign Results

  • 53,000 eliminated checks annually
  • $500,000,000+ in annual spend converted to electronic payment
  • $1,200,000 Annual Net Benefit realized by converting checks to electronic payment

We are still growing the total number of payments transitioned to revenue generating payment types for this Client. In their most recent month, they have once again topped their own previous monthly high.

By leveraging nearly every single one of our best practices — and putting service ahead of technology in the process — this Client is already leading their industry in total numbers of payments delivered electronically. In fact, the solutions we collaboratively built are considered such a competitive advantage that they specifically asked for their name not to be provided as Vendorin is viewed internally as a critical 'Industry Trade Secret.'

Oil & Gas Industry

Customer Success Story begins October 2014

Challenge: This Client approached us to solve a pervasive supplier remit change issue that was resulting in check fraud.

This Client receives hundreds of requests per month to change the remit to address for checks — which the Client discovered their Vendor Management team was not validating only after they experienced check fraud.

Solution: Enter the Vendorin True Payment Network and StopFraud™. By providing a secure Supplier onboarding environment, validation process, and single-ID records, we streamlined the supplier information change protocols and eliminated fraudulent payments.

Custom Solution: Customized Supplier Hosted Services
A True Payment Network Supplier information file systematically syncs with their ERP every single day.

Payment Types: ACH only

Campaign Results

  • 4,038 Suppliers targeted to convert to ACH
  • 86% of checks converted to ACH
  • $400,292 Annual Net Benefit realized by converting checks to ACH

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