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At Vendorin, we know it’s not the “what” — most payment automation products are similar — it’s the HOW that makes all the difference. And that our Service-As-A-Service not only sets us apart, it sets you up for success.

We make no assumptions about your business. We invest upfront in understanding your needs so that our recommendations produce the results you are banking on.

Most AP electronic payment companies offer the same basic product offerings. How many times have you been told that you can AUTOMATE* payments, that payment automation will STREAMLINE* your AP department, that the new payment products are SIMPLE* to integrate, and that implementation will be EASY*?

*So-called: Check out what a True Payment Network looks like.

We've been in the payment automation business for over a decade, and we'll let you in on a little industry secret:

It's Not Quick

It's Not Easy

It's Not Secure

Here's a breakdown of how this works:

We're not a fit for everyone. Let's see if we are an ideal fit with your particular organization.

1. Let's start with a Discovery Call

We're not a fit for everyone. Let's see if we are an ideal fit for each other.

2. Next, a Discovery Meeting

Let's do an in-depth discussion of your unique processes, procedures, frustrations, and goals.

3. Vendor File Review

We'll analyze and segment your vendor file according to criteria established in Discovery Meeting.

4. Solution Design Session

Let's get into the nitty-gritty details.

5. True Solution Presentation

We'll present a solutions blueprint and executional roadmap for your optimal payment program.

6. Implementation Kickoff

Stakeholder session to launch the implementation process.

7. Supplier Marketing & Onboarding Program

Suppliesr are the key to determining how successful your payment system becomes. We've developed marketing programs that ensure optimal Supplier conversion.

8. 90-Day Hypercare

The transition process is not easy! During the first 90 days, we know you and your Suppliers will have questions - and we're with you every day to provide answers, solutions, & support.

Let's talk a little bit about security.

Ten years ago, the industry was talking about how electronic payments would eliminate check fraud. Guess what?

The bad guys are now hacking the electronic payment systems.

We're not just talking about single-payment fraud. We're talking about vulnerabilities throughout the entire payment process. That's why we're obsessed with constructing electronic security safeguards - and why our people are constantly monitoring your payments to your Suppliers.

Payments, trusted.

We're not a fit for everyone. Let's see if we're an ideal fit for each other. Talk with your Vendorin contact, or click here to schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call.

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