For Suppliers

We believe a Payment Network should be… networked. Sounds simple. Most of our friends in the industry offer some sort of “Supplier Network”, and tout hundreds of thousands of Supplier Network records.

In this case, bigger is most definitely not better.

No matter how you search, you will find the correct Supplier profile.
Every time.

Each Supplier enrolled in our True Payment Network has complete control over their secure profile. When they input new information — change of address, new routing protocols, etc. — it's automatically validated and updated across our network.

Which means you can be confident your Supplier data is up-to-date, and your payment is going to the right place at the right time.


Our proprietary algorithms are intelligent, and so are our dedicated account managers who keep an eye on your business throughout the payment lifecycle. Your account managers can also offer custom reporting options and data transfers that adapt to your specific needs.

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